Monday, August 15, 2011

Happy all around

Today, was a wacky day. We got up, did the whole breakfast/play/get dressed thing while I was on the phone trying to straighten out Bubba's immunization records so that he can actually go to Kindergarten (on Monday...eek!). Got that figured out but now we needed to go up to the school in addition to grocery shopping and shoe shopping (for me for once). Shoe shopping lead up to the north part of town, which lead us to two different stores. Well by now it's 11:30 and they want to eat but I don't want to go all the way back home and I did not want fast food.

Cue Krispy Kreme........

The boys LOVE donuts. Well Krispy Kreme just happens to be a hop skip away from Kohls. So we went there for "lunch". It was lunchtime however I knew they weren't that hungry but needed a break before we went to the grocery store. They had a blast.
We got there in time to see the employee making chocolate cake donuts and donut holes. The boys' excitement was overflowing when watching those donut holes almost run off the conveyer belt. They were shrieking watching the donuts and this got other people smiling while watching the boys' reaction.
They each picked out a pink donut with sprinkles and happily wore the paper hat. Well, everyone but Sissy...she wanted to throw the donut (she had parts of a cake cruller) and eat the hat. Silly girl!
"I don't want to wear the hat Mommy..."
While scarfing down our doughnuts we talked about how the man was making them and what they thought the doughnuts were cooked in. Pooks said "SUGAR!!!" but I explained how they are fried in oil...and we talked about healthy foods vs "sometimes" foods. I love being able to incorporate little education tidbits into our day.
All in all, a nice morning. After our 'lunch' we went grocery shopping, then returned home for naps. Now they're snacking on cheese and green know a healthy food to balance out the ''sometimes'' food :)

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