Sunday, June 26, 2011

Weekend Adventures!

Okay so when we moved here, one of our goals was to use the weekends to really explore the area around us. Get out and do fun things as a family and see what this new city/state has to offer. And we have, just last weekend we went to Corpus Christi and Port Aransas. We've done the Riverwalk & Sea World. We visited the famous Gruene, TX. But more often than not our weekends consist of hanging around in our pj's, watching movies, heading to Costco...just totally vegging. And that's perfectly fine, sometimes. But I do think we need to get out more. We don't know if we'll end up living here for a year or 10 years but we should continue to have our mini-adventures. One of the things that I've wanted to do was find a good local Farmers Market.

Yesterday, we did just that. First we googled and came up at this website:

It was the nicest farmers market that I have personally ever been too. Live music, pet friendly, hot foods for sale, honey, soaps, fresh cut flowers, tea, coffee, fresh breads PLUS produce, herbs, honey and sauces. Very cool! We bought {and immediately began eating, cibatta bread and the best fresh peaches)
 After the farmers market, we headed over to another free attraction: The Japanese Tea Gardens

While our timing could have been better (11am on a Saturday), the gardens are gorgeous. It was a bit crowded but none of us seemed to mind. The water was clear with tons of koi fish, the stonework was amazing, the bridges, steps, the flowers, birds...all of it was really pretty. The boys LOVED it.
Thank you random lady for snapping a good family pic :)
 The same lady who took our pic, also gave the boys some fish food to feed the koi fishes...those suckers were eager to eat!
 There is suppose to be this gorgeous waterfall but the severe drought around here dried it all up! Here is a self-portrait we took near the rocks where the water would cascade down
And after we walked up the stairs, wound around the ''waterfall'' and back down this gorgeous flower path, there was this small bench made of rocks...I had to get a pic of the kiddos...
all in all, a great morning exploring our new city :) Now I have to get searching for things to try next weekend!

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  1. The Japanese Tea Gardens looks so beautiful! So neat to see all the places you guys are discovering! And found what sounds like an awesome Farmers Market! I love ours but don't go nearly as often as I should. :)


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