Saturday, June 4, 2011

8 months!

Well, it's that day of the month again....Today is the 4th and Sissy, that means you are 8 months old!
 I know right? I can barely believe it myself! But it's true, you are officially an 8 month old. That means just four more months til your BIG birthday! Would you believe that I'm already planning it? That I already have the cake pan and the shirt you will wear? It is true, I'm on it!

So what are you like at EIGHT months you ask? Well, you are a ball of energy! You are here, there and everywhere. You crawl like it's no body's business; belly fully off of the floor and you go wherever you want to. Now that you can stand, you get yourself into a lot more trouble...
 Honestly size-wise, you're the same. You are definitely eating more than you used to; table foods and still the occasional puree {applesauce, bananas & oatmeal} but I think you've offset your eating by all your crawling and I doubt you've gained much. At 8 months you:

-are in 9 or 12 months...both sizes in Carter's clothing fit you well
-are still in size 4 diapers
-don't usually wear shoes but the ones you have are size 6-12mos Robeeze
-are not sleeping through the night at all. In face you usually wake 2-3 times so we are co-sleeping. This way you get to eat whenever you want and the rest of the family still gets decent sleep. Honestly I would try to break you of this habit but you nursing so often helps keep my endometriosis from flaring so it's win-win at this point.
-will finally drink from a sippy cup! only those with straws but i still think that's pretty good ;)
-say both "mama" and "dada" though you don't seem to say it directly to us
-are starting to really interact with your brothers. you chew on their cars while they are playing with them and you follow them all over the house from room to room

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  1. Wow, how did she get that big that fast?? She is looking cuter by the day!! Charlotte;)


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