Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Whoa, I have a blog?!

I know, I've been a huge slacker as of late. I mean seriously it's been 11 days since I last blogged and stuff has been going on! Pookie turned 4 years old on the 18th...we had a pizza play date and he had a blast. Once B got home from work we had dinner, cake and presents. His big gift was a bike from my parents...he loves it and is doing really good at riding it. I would include a picture but for my bday (also on the 18th) I received an ipad2 and I cannot for the life of me figure out how to add a picture....poor me, right?

In other news, This is my first week ever flying completely solo with all four kids. Well not literally <i>flying</i>, i would lose it on a plane for sure! B is out of town for work and I have no help from Nanaw and Papa, nothing but me, myself and I. Honestly it's not hard, it's just exhausting! The same day that B left, Peanut came down with Strep. So fussy 2.5 yr old, a very mobile 7.5 month old {seriously she is crawling with her belly up, pulling herself up to stand and now climbing over things that get ib her way} and then the older brothers who usually do great but fir some reason are going through a hitting/pushing/chasing phase. It's very tiring!

Just take dinner for example: I have to entertain Sissy or put her in her highchair so that I can cook. During this time the boys are suppose to be picking up all their toys but usually they are cleaning while playing or watching PBS. While cooking I am simultaneously keeping an eye on all three kids, answering the door (ups man), and trying to clean as I go. Once the food in done I have to make up three plates for the boys, set the table, fill their cups, make sure they are cleaned up and get them to the table. Then I have to figure out what sissy will eat. She's about 50/50 on the baby food vs table food...usually she has a puree along with cheerios, Gerber puffs or yogurt melts, plus a sippy of water. Once they are all situated I finally make my plate. I eat while feeding sissy and my food is cold. Once dinner is done, I have to clean Sissy and Peanut, make the boys clear their plates, clear my own plate, then clean up all the dinner mess, do the dishes and clean the table while again, watching the kids. So far every night this week, sissy also chooses this time to NEED to nurse. As soon as this is all done, it's straight into bath timebecause naturally, this takes 4 times longer than it should because most nights sissy is on my hip during all of it.


So between the birthdays last Wednesday and today we also attended a pool party out of town, toured a fire station, went to Pooks well child check up and as a result then switched the kids' doctors office, went grocery shopping, doled out 6 doses of antibiotics and B and I became completely engrossed in the show Dexter. Oh and today we "celebrate" our 7th wedding anniversary. I say that loosely since we are 13 hours away from each other.

It's been a heck of a couple of weeks and honestly every time I've logged in to blog, I mentally say "screw it" and I either go to bed, eat something or check Facebook. I like blogging but it makes my brain go a million miles a minute trying to catch up. So I'm taking the easy way out and summarizing it all to this post.

In short, Pooks and I are a year older, Sissy is now saying "Ma Ma" and is mobile, Peanut is
getting over Strep, Bubba is going through a bullying phase and B is out of state. Oh and it's already over 100 degrees here. Awesome.

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