Friday, March 4, 2011

Ohmygosh, 5 months already!

 Even Sissy is amazed at how quickly time is flying by!

Well Sissy, today you are FIVE months old. We can barely believe it! You are getting so big and really starting to show us your personality. You are just as happy as ever; still so content. It's becoming more and more apparent that while you are uniquely you, you are also a little bit of Mom and Dad. While you have mom's coloring and you look a lot like me, your facial expressions and attitude are spot on-just like your fathers. Just the perfect little mix of both of us :)

So what are you up to at five months? Well, you've put yourself on a pretty predictable routine. You usually wake around 7:30am and eat, then play on your play mat or in your jumper for a bit. When mommy takes her shower, you hang out in the bathroom in your bouncy seat. Sometimes, you like to lay on the floor and watch PBS with your brothers. This all lasts til about 9:30 when you nurse quickly and take a nap. Some days you sleep 1pm but most days, you're up around 11. If we run errands I don't wait til you wake up, I just slip you into your carseat and 9 times out of 10, you don't raise a fuss or even wake up! Such a good baby. By 1:30 you're back asleep for your afternoon nap and wake around 3pm. Then it's pretty much a mix of being held, playing on your floor gym or in your jumper. Around 5 I put you in your swing so I can start supper. Some days you sleep long enough that I can make supper and eat, other days you wake up just as I set my plate on the table so I tend to nurse you while we eat at the dinner table.

Now that you are five whole months old, we'll start baby food soon. Lately you watch us like a hawk when we eat. You try to grab food off of mom or dad's plate if we're holding you while we eat or even grab the spoon from us, so it's about time. I was really, really hoping to hold off til 6mos or later but I guess you have other ideas. I did get some cereal for you but we'll probably go straight into veggies and fruits. Mommy needs to buy a new steamer basket, then I'll start making your baby food stockpile. So, on to your stats & fun facts:
  • you now weigh roughly 15lbs. this is at our scale at home but regardless, almost 2 lbs heavier than you were at 4 months!
  • you are wearing 6-9 month clothing. in your monthly pic the tshirt is 9mos, the skirt is 6-9mos and the leggings are 6mos
  • have discovered your toes! i found you sucking on your toes when i got you out of your crib today
  • you wearing size 3 diapers still {but in a pinch, the 4's will work too}
  • roll belly to back and back to belly
  • you are starting to sit for brief moments without anyone holding you. this makes mommy extremely nervous but you like to show off i guess. here is a picture of you sitting at and holding on to the kiddie picnic table without any help at all. no photoshoping or fancy really did it!
  •  you like to hold rattles and teethers and can move them from hand to hand
  • are teething big time. no sign of actual teeth yet but oh-mylanta the drooling is crazy!
  • you know your name and if Bubba is the one saying it you always let out the BIGGEST smile
So, happy 5 months Sissy! The last 151 days have been amazing and I can't wait to see what's in store :)

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  1. happy 5 months! It's crazy how fast they grow!!


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