Sunday, March 6, 2011

Can I get a little Catch-up?

I am seriously lagging in my blogging. I think you can all understand why but it frustrates me because I am doing this so my kiddos can someday look back and see what we did. They each have a mostly finished baby book but I'm not a scrapbooker, I don't keep a paper journal...this is it so I need to keep up on it! Someday I hope to be rich enough to print my blog, lol. But it's expensive and I ramble. A lot.

So as I mentioned here Aunt Debbie and Chris were visiting this weekend. Well, Wednesday night-Saturday night, and then they left before the sun was up this morning. We had SO much fun. I can't say that we did anything spectacular, we did go down to the Riverwalk and we took them to Taco Cabana twice, we mostly relaxed at the house, grilled dinner, made ice cream sundaes, enjoyed the warm Texas weather and really just hung out. The other options would have been the zoo or Sea World but we're saving those for when Nanaw and Papa visit (in just 11 days!).

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