Sunday, January 9, 2011

I've been busy

Lately I haven't had much time for blogging. As much fun as it is documenting and sharing our day to day ups and downs, living them has been chaotic! It seems like every day one of the kids is mastering or learning some new skill and I'm constantly on my toes or being pulled in some direction.

 We're working on potty training
 and bedtime routines with a teething two year old.
While the older boys are really into puzzles, drawing/coloring, and reading {by themselves with their Tag Reader or with B &/or I}
 Sissy is becoming more alert and staying awake more each day...
 ...and I've made a new best friend (and I've become obsessed with finishing the Millennium series).
While Miss Sweetcheeks is finally sleeping 9-10hr stretches at night, it's being offset by the fact that Peanut is constantly waking up at night. I think there are several factors: he is cutting his 2yr molars, he's simply not needing as much sleep as he previously was and lastly I think he needs a bigger bed. He sleeps much like Pooks: all over the place. Add to that the 2,306 stuffed animals that he ''needs'' in his bed to sleep and there just isn't enough room for him in his current toddler bed. Each and every night he'll wake at least twice before midnight {it's gotten to the point where I don't dare try to go to bed before midnight} and we lay him back in his bed. But inevitably we wake up each morning between 4am and 6am to a swift kick from his tiny little feet as he tries to crawl up into our bed and lay down between B and I.

Mama is exhausted.

We're getting his twin bed at the end of the month. The plan is to put him in with Sissy and have them share a room. I don't know if he'll love that idea or not but that also means that I have to transition Sissy from the bassinet to her crib. Which means that I have to find the baby monitor. Which means I finally HAVE to finish unpacking the last 4 boxes in our master bedroom.

Which means I'll probably continue to be pretty exhausted.

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