Thursday, January 20, 2011

Dirty mouth?

Well apparently Peanut thought so. Today I was a busy little bee moving his bed into the same room as Sweetcheeks. Bedtime has been a nightmare with all three boys in one room and since the plan was to move Peanut over once we got his twin bed, I just sped that up and moved him over now (even though he's still in his toddler bed). So I moved his bed over and had just sat down on it to nurse Sissy when all the sudden he started saying "Mmmm". To which I responded "What are you eating!?!"

Prior to his exclamation, he had been taking out all of Sissy's hair bows and putting them back again, so he shouldn't have been eating anything.

Well rather than turning toward me, he turned farther away.

I immediately get up to see him hurriedly squeezing Desitin  out of the tube and into his mouth. His lips, chin and chubby fingers are covered in white cream. And not just regular Desitin but the ''Maximum Strength" thick cream that has the strongest Zinc oxide that an over the counter diaper creme can contain. He is still saying ''Mmm" as I yank the tube out of his hand and tell him to stick out his tongue. I grab a baby wipe (it was closest) and furiously start rubbing off all of the cream from his tongue and face, then get to work on his fingers all while telling him ''No, no. We do not eat this. Desitin is a medicine for when your butt is yucky, we do NOT eat it''. I get to looking at the tube and while I know it was new and recently opened, I know that realistically as fast as he was trying to squeeze it out that he could have consumed up to a teaspoon. Granted a lot of it was on his face but rather safe than sorry, I called Poison Control.

For those that need to know, poison controls phone number is easy: 1-800-222-1222

The lady was extremely nice, completely non-judgmental and assured me that not only would he be fine, but it's a common call. She said that if he consumed enough, he might throw up or become nauseous but it didn't sound like he ate that much. The best thing to do was to feed him something so the cream wasn't so strong on his stomach lining and just to keep an eye on him. 

Well, thankfully he is fine. He ate lunch like normal, then took a nap but not until I removed every single bottle, container and tube from the changing table. Lotion, butt cream, ear cleaning solution...all of it, the whole basket is now on the top shelf of the dresser with nothing that he can climb up on. Granted, it probably should have been up there all along as a precautionary but none of the kids have ever so much as attempted to open it, let alone eat it.  Ugh!

When B got home he said to Peanut, ''[Peanut] we do not put anything but food in our mouth." to which Peanut responded ''Des-tin yucky. Booty medicine no, no, no." No kidding dude, no kidding.


  1. recently aiden did the SAME thing! DESITIN!?!?! he was eating it and smearing it all over the tv at the same time, i didnt know i still had to watch my 2yr old every.single.second... i was literally 15 feet away in the kitchen making dinner!! I though we were through this stage!! ha.. guess not! I think he thought it was toothpaste which i have to hide because he loves it and would eat the whole tube. silly boys!

  2. oh the things I have to look forward to! :)

  3. oh the things I have to look forward to! :)


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