Monday, January 24, 2011

Boys will be boys

Saturday was a total Fun day for the kids. We got up and out early for a trip to the Texas Transportation Museum with some friends from a local mom's group that I joined. While the ''museum'' was tiny, the boys were thrilled with the real train, the model trains and being able to ride on a train.
 They look so little!
 And lastly we got to go on a real train ride...
 All the boys liked it but Pooks really enjoyed it!
 The train that we actually rode
After all the trains we decided to join up with one of the other families (who happen to have 3 boys as well, ages 4, 2 and 1) and visit the zoo. It is a good zoo and the kids loved it! It's not very big but it had neat animals, was really up-kept, and it was the perfect weather for it!
 By far, the hippos were my favorite
 Bubba couldn't wait to see elephants
  Watching the gazelles
 There is a part of the zoo where you can buy a cup of Agave Nectar and feed the Lorikeets
  The boys didn't like it very much but B and I thought it was really cool!
Now, I understand that being in a small area with a ton of birds might freak the kids out but seriously, Bubba was in love with the snakes! All of them. And he was even disappointed that the 28ft Anaconda wasn't in his cage...(where else they could possibly put him, I don't know but I didn't ask!) Here he is with a different snake...
And after this, my camera died. I had on a whim taken our little Cybershot point and shoot instead of my DLSR and apparently the battery wasn't fully charged :( But take my word for it, they loved it!

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