Monday, December 13, 2010


Today we got Sissy into the doctor for her "Two Month Well-Baby visit"...technically today she is 10 weeks old but since we moved, its the best we could do. At today's appointment she weighed in at 10lbs 14oz and was 23 inches long! She's in the 50th percentile for weight and the 65 percentile for length. Her head measurement was also 50the percentile, though I can't remember what exactly the number was. Eh, doesn't really matter anyway.

Doctor said she looked great! He couldn't get over how much she looked like her brothers, lol. Her soft spot is starting to close up nicely, she was kicking and moving both sides of her body equally and she was tracking him with her eyes. She's smiling and starting to mimic our facial features, which are both great milestones to be reaching at this stage. She did receive all of her immunizations today so she can officially {and safely} get her ears pierced now.

I am super excited! Both B and I agreed to have them pierced, before she was even born we knew that we would do it while she was still very young. It is a cultural tradition on B's side of the family, a rite of passage and a symbol of wealth for his family {in fact they have them pierced even before 2 months!} but purely aesthetic for me. We are choosing to have them done now, because she is at an age where she won't have any lasting memories of pain, she won't have the dexterity or desire to mess with them. Hopefully she'll be so used to having them there that by the time she is old enough to touch them, they will be so normal to her that she won't. I think we're going to go this weekend and I'll post pictures once it's all done!

Sidenote: I know there is controversy on piercing an infants ears before they are old enough to have a say in it and I will request that there will be no drama left as comments on this blog. Yes, I realize that I am making a decision to put a hole in my daughters body without her consent. No this does not bother me, I am her mother and will be making decisions regarding her for the next 18 years. If, when she is older she has a problem with them, I will let her take them out and let the holes close.


  1. She is so cute and have to agree she is really starting to look like the boys. Can hardly wait to see her ears pierced.


  2. I got both of the girls' ears pierced at 6 months! I got tired of people asking me if Addie was a boy despite her pink frilly dresses and big bows. Then just decided we would get Mia's done around the same age as Addie. I think it's cute! : )


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