Friday, December 10, 2010

Remember the Alamo!

Tonight we took advantage of our new hometown and saw the sights. The only other time I had been to the Riverwalk and Alamo was when Bubba was just 6 weeks old. B was here on business and we tagged along. I was actually wearing him in a carrier and we posed for the typical tourist photo. So tonight even though B really didn't think we needed too we trekked over from the Riverwalk to the Alamo and took another token photo. I'll have to find the external hard drive to locate the original pic with baby Bubba, but for now, here are the ones for tonight.
 Bubba {on his own} decided to tie his napkin into a bid ''just like Shaggy"
 Pookie was playing with his fork...not that I approve of that but I loved his smile :)
 Kids were not impressed with the Mariachi band...''too loud''
 Sissy lookin' adorable
 River with all the Christmas lights = Very festive!
 all my boys at the Alamo
 our little family
 and me with the kiddos :)
Tomorrow? We're going to Sea World baby!


  1. Ah! Even though it's going to be hard being away from 'home' your kids are going to get to see and experience some fun things! That's one going I appreciated about my dad being in the army and moving a lot as a kid. Good memories :D

  2. So jealous...LOVE sea world! Have fun!!


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