Thursday, September 9, 2010

34 week check up and update on Peanut

Firstoff, Peanut is doing much better. His fever broke Tuesday night and then yesterday we noticed a few tiny red bumps on his neck and chest. Today he has a full blown rash all over his neck, stomach, back, groin and butt. So, we now know that he had roseola. His fever is gone, the rash doesn't itch and we're just waiting for the irritability to simmer down. {Which may be wishful thinking since he seems to also be hitting the Terrible Two's phase of his life}. Such a relief!

On to today. I had my 34 week check up with Dr. P. Blood pressure was an awesome 112/64, Sweetcheeks heartbeat was 153, urine came back clear, I'm up another .5lb and my total weight gain for this pregnancy is: 11.5lbs. Yeah, crazy right? With the boys I was up at least 20lbs by now!! Dr. P isn't concerned in the slightest. He went over the results of my ultrasound that I had about 2 weeks ago. Sweetcheeks looks wonderful. Perfectly healthy. Size-wise she is in the 65th percentile. My fluid level was 12 which is great, not to little but not too much either. He said that I am pretty much ALL baby.

I had my first cervical check, just to see where things are at. Baby is head down, not engaged, my cervix is posterior, soft and I'm 1 centimeter dilated.  Basically this means that the Braxton Hicks contractions that I've been feeling are doing something but nothing that says labor is gonna start tomorrow. Given my previous labor history, he thinks I'll go right around 37 weeks again. (Last week of Sept/First week of October.)

I do have a lovely condition called PUPPP, or Pruritic Urticarial Papules and Plaques of Pregnancy. They thought I had this early in my pregnancy...around 29 weeks and it's essentially a harmless rash but it is EXTREMELY itchy. When I first got it, it looked almost like a heat rash. It hasn't gone away at all but the itchiness had settled down.  Then a couple days ago I had what kinda looked (and itched) like a bug bite but rather than just being a raised bump it was kinda blurry along the edges and then, started getting bigger. This morning I woke up with 2 more 'spots' like this. From what Dr.P explained and from what I've read, it can get worse or it might stay the same. Either way, it's a hormone thing and won't go away until after delivery. He did write me a prescription for a cream that should help.
I intentionally took my belly pic this week so that the rash was showing; figure I might as well put a picture of my big itcy belly in her baby book :) Although the tiny red bumps don't even show up, just the bigger hive-looking spots.
Here is a close up for anyone that's curious...doesn't look like much but it boy oh boy it itches! And here is one more that I took for the baby book; for the first time ever, my belly button is popping out!
Honestly this pregnancy has been wonderful. This PUPPP rash is nothing in the grand scheme of things. We already know that Sweetcheeks will be our last little bub and I'm trying to cherish everything. Luckily, she's making it easy on me!

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