Wednesday, July 7, 2010

We are Family!

On Monday we headed down to Nanaw Phew-Phews; which is a common occurrence. We try to visit her and Great Great Grandma B at least once a month and get an updated 5 Generation photo whenever the kids' moods allow it. I realize that being able to have 5 Generations together is rare (heck even Hallmark only carries frames up to Four!) so we seize the opportunity when we can.
And while visiting the Gram's is a great reason to visit, the reason for this visit was different. My two out-of-state-cousins were in town for a visit. Steph came from Ohio and Cassandra fly in from Germany. The ''mission" of the day was to have all 6 cousins sneak off and get a portrait taken together to surprise Grandma. We hadn't had a cousins portrait taken since about 1997 and lets just say the last picture was less than flattering. The updated one is much much better:
and the "funny" one is quite humorous as well. Seeing how we are now all between the ages of 18 and 28, it was nice to not have to stand around and retake a million photos hoping to get a good one. There were a couple that no one liked but that was more the photographers error than it was ours.

After the mall, we headed back to Grandma's house. These pics are all from there. Hanging out, being silly, making memories, general shenanigans.
B and Peanut
Myself and cousin Stephanie
Nanaw with Bubba
"Regular" Nanaw with all her grandkids
Cassandra and Steph with Nanaw (their Auntie)
Peanut teaching Grandma how to fist bump
Myself, Steph, Grandma and Cas
Us girlies with both of Grandma's
While it was a short trip, it was nice to get to see everyone. We were joking that it was like Christmas in July but with Pizza Hut instead of a turkey. Growing up we were often always all together for Christmas but rarely for anything else.

Oh and Grandma *loved* the pics. (We were able to show her all of them off of the Photo disk). Imagine how excited she will be when the framed 20x20 collage is ready for pick up!

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