Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The name game...again!?

Okay so we had fully decided on a name for Ms. Sweetcheeks. We had bought cute little letters to hang above the crib and we shared the name with those who asked. Well lately B feels like we chose the wrong name...he doesn't really like it now that we keep using it. Instead of pronouncing it correctly, he's going the grade school route and saying things like Kingsley or Kinzie, instead of the name we had chosen prior {Kinley}.

So while I think this is going to be a repeat scenario of what happened when naming Peanut (where we like a name, agree on a name, then decide we don't think it's right, go back to the drawing board for months, baby is born and nameless for over 24 hours only to end up with the name that we had originally thought of 4 months prior) I'm entertaining name suggestions for Sweetcheeks. Again. If I get around to it before the kids wake up, I might even add a Poll over on the side so it's easier to see.

So far these are the names that either: a) one of us loves, b) both of us like, c) have no bad feelings about the name but aren't sure we love it or d) one of us loves and the other hates. I'm not going to categorize them; I won't tell you which and love or which B loves...wouldn't want anybody to play favorites. Here are the names that keep getting tossed around or suggested by one of us:
  • Kinley
  • Kylie
  • Harper
  • Olivia
  • Sydney
  • Margaret, would be known as Maggie
  • Callie
  • Avery
  • Hailey
Typically we like names that are common enough that people can pronounce them with ease but aren't so common that they are top 10. We lean towards names of Irish/Gaelic or English origin and this is true for all of our boys as well. And traditional spelling, not a fan of adding extra letters for the heck of it.

Oh and the middle name is without a doubt going to be Diane (after both my mom and my grandma who has passed away who both shared that same middle name)

So here we go! Leave your comments, thoughts, opinions and suggestions. Thanks...again!


  1. I think Kinley is so cute! But seeing as she will probably be a dark haired dark skin, like her stinkin adorable brothers, i (for god knows WHAT reason) think Sydney would be so fitting I love love love that name! just my opinion, what ever you choose will be perfect!

  2. Kinley is still my fav! It sounds A-dorable with your last name! I really love the name Harper, too. Avery is super duper popular right now, or so it seems. I vote Kinley!

  3. Okay...I can't choose just one because I'm super indecisive! I can say that I really like Kinley, Kylie and Harper. If you're wanting more unique like you said, then I would go with Kinley! I looked and Olivia is #6 on the top 10 baby girl names of 2010 so don't know if that changes your mind about that one since you said you don't want a name in the top 10. The other names were either not on the list at all or were lower than the top ten. Callie and Hailey were also ones I liked but when I said them along with your boys' names, I didn't think it flowed as nicely so I took it off my list, lol! Good luck deciding on a name! Are you going to be sharing it with us when you guys decide?


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