Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Summer, summer, summertime

Here are several random pictures from the last 2 weeks or so:
(these are from cousin Belle's bday party)
Summer is here and the boys are enjoying every minute of it. Staying up late, playing outside, helping B in the garden, going to the pool, sprinklers, squirt gun fights, and birthday parties. We've been out of town the last 2 of 3 weekends and I cannot wait to just stay home a few weekends in a row. I absolutely love 4th of July, so I'm anxiously awaiting that! Then this week is B's birthday (turning the big 2-8) and of course Father's day is this weekend. Uncle Matt and Aunt Rachel will also be in town this weekend so it'll be a relaxing weekend of hanging out by the grill and catching up!

In other news, I am now almost 22 weeks pregnant and finally it's sunk in that I am really having a girl. I went through 6 totes of baby boy clothing (well newborn-12mos) that were down the basement. Honestly, it was very bittersweet. It seems like Peanut was just wearing that stuff yesterday when it actuality it's been over a year. I kept all the outfits that were sentimental, especially his teeny tiny preemie sleeper that he came home in, as did Pookie. (I have Bubba's too but it's a different one as he outweighed his little brothers by an entire pound at birth!)

Yesterday I sorted them all by size, then took pictures of each ''lot'' and listed them on craigslist. Everyone I know is having a girl (well except Katie who is waiting til d-day) so I figured my best option was to sell all the boy clothes then use the money to stock up on girl clothes. So far, my plan has rocked. Yesterday alone I made $50, today I made $80 and I am meeting another lady tomorrow. Grand total I am hoping to make about $170, which will obviously help out tremendously in getting girl stuff. (So FYI, if you have girl items to sell, hit me up. I'm looking for basic layette items: onesies, sleepers, gowns, etc).

I did splurge and order some crocheted headbands online, they are so cute! They arrived yesterday and I just can't wait til Sweetcheeks is here and can wear them! I'm still working on her bedding; I've cut all the fabric panels for the bumpers but still need to cut the fabric for the ties and cording then I'm ready to sew. I took the time and appliqued a few cloth diapers that I will use for burp cloths and I painted & mod-podged a shelf to go over her changing table. Whew! So much to do and about 15 weeks to get it all done...eek!

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