Sunday, May 9, 2010

Party, party, party!

On Saturday we celebrated Pook's 3rd birthday. He loves the Backyardigans and chose that as a theme at the party store. So naturally, we had the party in our yard. (Our backyard has a creek going through it so we had to have it in our front yard). Despite the lower than average temps, it turned out to be a really nice party. We ordered pizza (in honor of the Chichen-Itza Pizza episode), then had cake and ice cream.

Opening his big gift from Nanaw and first he was a little intimidated by it!While his feet could just barely reach the pedals, he loved it and ran over everyone trying to ride.
Singing "Happy Birthday", he was pretty mesmerized by the birthday candles.
Blowing out the birthday candles.
Enjoying cake and ice cream.
Overall it was a great day. The kids were in wonderful moods, Pookie loved his cake and presents and even shared a bit. Thank you to everyone that attended, we loved having you!


  1. So cute! Happy Birthday, buddy! You do know how to throw a great party!

  2. LOVE the ginormous balloons, Shannon! You weren't kidding about how big those were. :) Glad it was a great party... I know it was a slightly chaotic week for you!


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