Monday, May 31, 2010

boys will be boys

For about the past week, the weather has actually been nice. We went from having our heater on in the mornings to having our air conditioner on all day--in the time span of a day. I love nice weather. Even when it's kinda hot out, you can always find some shade, set up a sprinkler and cool off.

Here are a few pics of the boys playing outside the other evening. They were of course, being silly!
Peanut was winking at me...too stinkin' cute!
Bubba has learned to pedal his bicycle
and pooks, while he says that he can't do it, can actually pedal the tricycle now
(previously his legs were too short)
And what's better when playing outside than a nice bowl of ice cream?
(don't mind pooks' expression, "it's too cold mom!")
I ♥ summer!

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