Saturday, April 24, 2010

just roll and this!

Today we took the kids to the local University's ''Open House'' tour. They got to visit various colleges, get their faces painted, visit/pet animals, look at x-ray's, hear the marching band and their favorite activity: learning how to make soft pretzels in the Grain and Agriculture building. They *loved* it. They were able to help roll out the dough then twist it and use their little thumbs to squish it down. When they were all done they got to sample ones that we're already much fun for them and fun to watch them. They took it very seriously!
Peanut has bronchitis, and therefore never left his stroller. (walking=wheezing) He liked watching though!
Bubba admiring his finished pretzel
Pooks very excited about his pretzel

and lastly, a pic of all my boys standing next to a tractor that was on display outside the Meat Science building

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