Friday, March 5, 2010

sweetcheeks 1st photo

well i went back to Dr. P's office for my ultrasound today. as i mentioned before here, there was some questioning on my dates. they were in fact off, originally we thought i should be 7 weeks {today} but in actuality, i'm only 6 weeks. the baby measured 3.4mm or about the size of a grain of rice but luckily it's heart has developed and i actually got to see it flicker on the screen as well as hear it! (in the above picture, the blurry white dot inside the black circle--yeah, thats the baby and yolk sac) they adjusted my due date to october 29, 2010.

seeing everything was very reassuring after being in a constant state of anxiety for the last week. the heartrate was 108, which is kinda low but normal for this gestation. she guesses that the heart as only been developed for about a day! i feel much much better :) we saw the inside view, now here is what i look like:
i'm still in my regular jeans, so that's a plus! i still don't have any real symptoms. (not that i'm complaining) it's just odd. this is my fourth pregnancy in as many years and this one is really throwing me through a loop! everything is different. out of the 'usual' pregnancy symptoms i am more tired than usual and i have a funny taste in my mouth damn near all the time. (apparently it's pretty common but never before have i experienced it.) there have been a few evenings where i kinda get this carsick feeling but overall, no morning sickness, i'm not peeing more than normal, i'm not nauseous. so far, i've gotten off pretty easy.

oh and should mention {just for the sake of remembering later} that both bubba and pooks as well as B, all are insisting that this is a girl. pooks doesn't give a reason as to why, bubba says ''cause we already have a baby boy" and B ''just knows''. my cousin ashly is also insistent that this baby is a girl. me? i have no clue. i know it's healthy though :)


  1. Congrats, Shannon! Neat picture of you... are you going to use that background throughout so we can "watch" you grow?

    Thankful everyone seems to be on the mend in your household.

    My vote is G-I-R-L, all the way. :)

  2. Thanks Heather! I do plan on using the same background {it's actually just the curtains that hang on our back sliding doors} but I like the consistency throughout the photos.

    And yes, FINALLY we all seem to be doing better :)

  3. I agree with the boys... Its a girl this time!


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