Sunday, March 14, 2010


On Saturday morning we took the little dudes to the local St.Patrick's day parade. It was a first {well, since having kids} and despite the fact that it was freezing out, it went pretty well. The kids had a blast scooping up candy and seeing all the ambulances, vintage cars, police cars, tractors, etc. They managed to snag a strand of beads, a ball advertising a local bar/grill, a t-shirt, some tattoos--overall they had a blast. Other than telling us every five minutes that they were ''freezing'' but then refusing to actually leave the parade. Eventually we left {before it had ended} and at least two kids were beyond mad, throwing tantrums about it. Today bubba is complaining of his ears hurting so we may not have left soon enough! It was fun while it lasted though!
all 3 decked in their St. Patty's day shirts
and giving "big hugs"
 and just because they are so stinking cute, one of each
okay so after our mini photo shoot, we actually went to the parade.
they liked the horses
pooks was a little nervous about some of the entrants, clung to daddy a few times
the green tractor was their favorite
all my boys (peanut was upset about being in the stroller, had to be bribed with a cracker)
this vintage tow-truck had an ''aahh-ooga'' horn like papa's truck!
this odd rainbow/pot of gold/jeep thing kinda freaked pooks out!
and the number one sign that it's time to go home-
"i'm just fweezing mom''

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