Monday, March 22, 2010


yep, we're back to breathing treatments. again. remember back on march 3 when we were all sick and i said that there seemed to be an end in sight?

yeah, i was wrong.
*warning, some content is not for those with a weak stomach or anyone who may eating while reading*

here it is march 22 and we're still dealing with this "virus". thankfully, B and I are fine (minus some congestion). however bubba, pooks and peanut didn't get off so lucky. we piled them all up and took them to stat-care yesterday with the results being:
  • bubba was complaining of his ears and throat hurting, as well as a slight cough and runny nose. turns out he has a double ear infection and an upper respiratory infection. he needs to have breathing treatments before bed to help with his cough, tylenol for comfort/pain and was given an antibiotic for the ears.
  • pooks has had a cough since march 3. she listened to his lungs and they are clear. ears, throat and nose all looked clear. tylenol as needed for comfort and an albuterol breathing treatment for bed to help coughing
  • peanut had been wheezing, coughing, had a runny nose and a fever. she listened to him and the wheezing is coming from his lungs but his ears were a little pink, his throat and nose all looked fine. he is on breathing treatments every 4 hours, alternating tylenol/motrin to keep his fever down and zithromax as a precautionary because of his ears and fever.
doesn't that sound fun? the real ''problem'' is that being toddlers, they don't know how to clear their throats. or how to cough up the mucous or even how to ''hawk a loogie''. so pooks' especially starts coughing and coughing, which because of the snot in the back of his throat leads to gagging, which leads to vomiting. a lot of vomiting. like 6 times yesterday and 5 times (so far) today. he has a ''coffin cup'' (aka- coughing cup) that he keeps by him now. when he starts coughing he literally picks up his coffin cup and coughs into it, then gags thus vomiting into the cup a couple of times. i then wash the cup out and give it back.

you think that sounds gross?

imagine my floors before the coffin cup. mkay? imagine B's recliner. yeah not pretty. add to that the fact that peanut himself has done the same thing a couple times (sans cup) and mama is not having a fun time. wait, scratch that. daddy isn't having a good time. i do a lot of things as a mom and i take them in stride. messes from blood, poop and {non-partially digested} food i can handle. vomit i can not. especially not in my present 'with child' condition. obviously when alone with the children i deal with it and handle it {while gagging, but i do it}. this weekend however, that was all B's department!

so naturally, i have a call in at the doctors office for some sort of decongestant or cough medicine to give to pooks to end this horrific cycle. i realize it's the nasal drainage causing the cough but being that he's two years old, there really isn't anything OTC that i can give him. there used to be but then they decided that cold medicine didn't work on infants/toddlers... funny because when bubba was a baby, "little colds" had a multi-symptom cold medicine that was like magic in a dropper. ugh.

it's a vicious cycle. and it sucks.

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  1. Wow...hope they all feel better soon for everyone's sake! It's so hard when the kiddos are sick! :(


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