Tuesday, February 2, 2010


i have quite a few pictures to share, but they are so very random. from haircuts, to crayon rolls and even murder?! aaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
saturday night auntie M stayed with us and her and i attended a murder mystery party. we knew ahead of time that she was to be Starr Bright, a hollywood star who was on the verge of losing her contract due to an alcohol problem and i was to be Agent Hollywood, Starr's agent. it was so much fun! we really got into character and had a blast. as an agent i was decked with cell phones, a bluetooth, a hands free set, pens everywhere and several watches. Starr Bright, well she was a hot mess. here is auntie M with her ensemble, minus a hot pink feather boa that shed far too much to be brought into the house. notice all the bling? yeah by the end of the night she had green marks from all of her jewelry. ha!
"oh jeez Starr, you're a mess!"
hopefully she got better pics than I did...b went all crazy paparazzi on us but they weren't very flattering! 
so that was saturday. before that, on thursday, the boys all got haircuts. again! their hair grows SO fast. while i couldn't get a single pic of them looking at me, i did snap a few while they were playing. lately they act like getting their picture taken is more painful than having to get vaccinated, so good pics are few and far between.
and this one i thought was particularly funny; simply because you can see the detesting glare from pooks and peanut but there is bubba, cheesing it up!
and without the binky he looks so grown up! (you know, minus the bib catching his drool)
and lastly with Valentine's day just around the corner, i was trying to figure out what to get the kids. scratch that. what to make the kids. lately i've been on this homemade kick. using my sewing machine to create i spy bags and capes, i needed an idea of what to make next. i've been hitting up the fabric store like it's going out of business and everything was on sale. (ha, i wish!) i've picked up a 1/2 yard here and a full yard there of fabric that i just *had* to have or knew that the boys would love. 

after stumbling across this blog, Make It and Love It, i figured it out. a crayon roll! i know that they will love it, i know they will use it and more importantly, i knew i could actually make it! i have a sewing machine (and a great one at that) but i am self taught and use my seam-ripper, a lot! so after just a few hours (seriously, like maybe 3 hours total) i whipped up three crayon rolls. what is a crayon roll you ask? (well, you'll have to wait for my camera battery to charge, then i'll snap up some pics and you will see) it's to hold crayons in. then the whole thing rolls up, ties with a ribbon and you can throw it into your backpack or diaper bag for when you're out and about. you know at restaurants when they give your kid 2 crayons that only God knows where they have been? yeah well no more for the these brothers.


  1. Wanting to sell any crayon rolls? Maybe some for Easter? Been looking for some, let me know...

  2. Crayon rolls are pretty cute and a great idea! I made something similar a while back for my mom's crochet hooks. :) But making one for crayons, what a great idea for kids!


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