Sunday, February 7, 2010

"dis is da sofa, dis is da kitchen,.."

the other night after supper peanut and bubba proceeded to "take a walk" around the house. well, around the downstairs at least. shortly pooks joined in the fun and i could resist taking pictures. they were holding hands and walking around pointing different things out of peanut {as if he didn't know}. saying things like ''dis is da living room", ''dis is da sofa'', "dis is our kitchen and dat is mommy's kitchen" etc.
(pooks liked walking, but not being dragged by bubba)
''and dat is our kitchen"
going on walks (even inside) is fun with your brothers
and what to do after a long walk? well ya take a bath of course! due to their eczema, during the winter they get bathes every other night and they insist on getting bathed all at the same time. they can get pretty freaking wild in there with there splashing and squirting but it's almost always fun.
YAY! a simple pleasure--all 3 boys looking at the camera :)

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