Tuesday, January 19, 2010


my not-even-four-year-old is sitting at the table doing his homework.

not. even. four.

he is lovingly and carefully coloring only the items that are the color red on his worksheet. he is doing this, by himself and he correctly colored only the heart, apple and strawberries red.

his teacher said that they only need to do the 'homework' if they want to. it's more about teaching him the responsibility of remembering to take his worksheet home and bring it back the next day. if he brings it back tomorrow, he'll get a sticker.

so, bubba is doing his homework.


yep. no matter how many times i say it, it still just seems impossible.

bubba. doing homework.

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  1. That's great Shannon! What a sweet, smart little guy you have! Certainly a reflection of his stellar parenting... :)


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