Saturday, January 16, 2010

all yours for the low low price of...


no, not the cookies but the super cool Wilton cookie cutter set that i purchased yesterday. and when i say cookie cutter set, you have to read between the lines. what i'm really saying is "a huge ass box of 101 cookie cutters for any and every occasion and maybe even some that you will never actually use''. whew! seriously, i bought this little gem at wal-mart for $10 even. i'm not even kidding folks, these are all the cutters:

have you ever been in the middle of making cookies and thought ''damn, where is my fish shaped cookie cutter?". yeah, me neither. but now we could make fish shaped cookies, if we wanted too. or we could use 3 different heart cutters as well as the x and the o, and make a batch of valentines day cookies. a month early. which we did, today. the boys were super excited.

as you can tell by the cookies and the older boys' place-mats, we don't waste anytime moving on to the next holiday. it helps that i ♥ valentine's day. okay, really there isn't a holiday that i don't like and unlike my neighbors who are annoying the crap out of me by still having a scarecrow hanging on their front door we are pretty festive; we even have a valentines day sign on our front door.

and the best part? the cookies were pretty yummy too!


  1. The cookies look delicious! You also have some mighty good help there!


  2. Awesome!!! I'll have to keep my eye out for that set. The cookies look great.


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