Monday, December 14, 2009

Here comes Santa 1

this weekend has been absolutely crazy! a whirlwind of events. i need a weekend for my weekend! B had drill saturday and sunday so that always messes with plans. on saturday a local business was hosting Santa and Mrs. Claus and the boys {well, bubba and pooks} were beyond excited to go! i was slightly nervous because last year pookie wouldn't go near the jolly old guy and i knew that peanut has a bit of stranger anxiety anyways. despite that, we loaded up in the car, nanaw joined us, and we headed to the store.

when we got there and saw them from a distance, pooks was super excited, bubba was happy but shy and peanut was tired. he hadn't really napped and he was confused. pooks however wasted no time running up to Santa and Mrs. Claus, giving santa a high five and telling him ''merry kawistmass''. bubba was, in true bubba fashion, much more reserved. he waited until Santa spoke to him first. once bubba and pooks were each on knee, i quickly but reassuringly handed peanut to Mrs. Claus.

peanut was not happy about this. in order, here are the 3 pics we snagged:
we managed to get one decent one before the fear behind his eyes shown through! oh well, there is always next year...

on sunday we attended B's reservist Christmas party. more details and pics from that, tomorrow!

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