Wednesday, October 21, 2009

an attempted photo shoot...

i thought in an effort to save a little money and be able to spend more on peanut and his birthday party that i would just take his one year portraits instead of shelling out $100 (at least). i mean how hard can it be right? i take a million pictures of the kiddos all the time, i have to be more talented than some ''trained photographer'' at sears. yeah well....maybe not. while i managed to get some cute pics out of the 232 photos that i took in less than one hour , none of them are "1 year portrait" worthy.
super cute, i love all his little teeth showing but not the one
i tried bringing in a prop but that kind of distracted him...
love the glimmer in his eyes but not perfect
yeah he wasn't feeling that one either!
cute but he's not showing his teeth
and the #1 sign your 11 month old is over it....
he physically slides his body down til he is laying flat while making the above face.


  1. Does this mean you're still coming to visit me in November? :)


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