Sunday, September 20, 2009

without further ado...

i present you with pictures of our classroom:
(view from the staircase leading down)
their toy area
tada! our classroom side
i took $1 sesame street flashcards (which we already owned) and hole punched them, then strung into a banner. one is for shapes, one is for numbers
the boys "school" table
train table, my desk, peanut's playpen and the "reading sofa" as bubba calls it
reading corner again
our learning poster, day of the week sign and weather signs
all set up for this week's lessons!
B took this tonight while i was painting some scenes from eric carle books to go up on the walls, this is my desk :)
the very hungry caterpillar
and morphed into a beautiful butterfly
so, the best part: we were able to do all of this and we only spent $60. we purchased the foam puzzle mat flooring ($40) and then spent about $20 on the posters/wall hangings/and some general school supplies from the dollar tree. next time we're at sam's club we need to get another package of flooring...i underestimated the square footage of the area!

and the greatest part in all of this? how excited bubba and pooks are! they are beyond thrilled. they love playing in the ''vasement''....i think it's a combination of newness, toys they haven't seen in months and they really like learning. bubba asked me several times if we were going to have school today, he just can't wait. even peanut was squealing and crawling around down there! overall i think it was a huge success!


  1. That is so awesome! Looks like a lot of fun also!


  2. You are amazing! The "school" looks so inviting, bright and cheery . . . and fun. Enjoy!


  3. I already commented on Facebook but seriously I think this it is so awesome that you did this!! What a fun school experience for them! :)

  4. Looks great! Those little ones are surely blessed to have such a creative mommy! They are going to have so much fun! Looks like you will too :)


  5. Who needs preschool? This looks great!


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