Monday, September 7, 2009

what a weekend!

whew! i ♥ long weekends. this weekend was especially long because B had friday and monday off! we made the best of it and spent friday shopping and visiting with uncle matt and auntie rachel. i love, love, love oshkosh brand stuff for the boys. i think it's cute, it's so durable, colorful and it lasts and lasts! several of peanut's outfits have been passed down from bubba, and for the quality with the price you just can't beat it. totally worth the drive, plus getting to enjoy lunch and most of the afternoon with family? priceless.

seriously we walked away with 2 pairs of pants (each) for peanut and bubba, 4 long sleeved shirts for peanut, 2 ls shirts for bubba, 2 ls shirts for pooks and pooks got 4 pairs of pants (he is so totally going through a growth spurt!) and 3 pairs of undies for pooks. our total you maybe be wondering? keep in mind that of the above, 4 of the pants were denim jeans...$108. nothing that we bought cost more than $9. great deals + a coupon = a steal! the boys are set til spring!

so that was friday.

saturday we spent at home. we all took a 3 hour long nap! we ran errands, did laundry, and hung out with nanaw while papa worked. a fun lazy day...same with sunday. did a little grocery sampling shopping, hung out with nanaw and papa and generally just enjoyed the weekend.

today we woke up and headed down to visit nanaw phew phew and great great grandma's house. unfortunately i didn't get any pics but the boys (and the nanaws!) had a lot of fun. we left their house at nap time so the boys wouldn't skip their naps, they all 3 slept in the car. upon returning home we all played outside and enjoyed the weather. for this, i remembered my camera :)
bubba can pedal like a pro!
giving me a ''look''. he did NOT want his pic taken today
peanut enjoying his pack n play being outside
(i ♥ this pic!!)
(i also ♥ this pic!)
trying to fly the kite but it just wasn't windy enough
father and son
bubba's staged accident. seriously he knocked himself over and told me to ''cheese'' it
peanut grinding his teeth! he's cutting his eye teeth and won't quit grinding those toofers
okay now the next set of pics are messy, hilarious and slightly gross. peanut gave up baby food a while ago but generally we still make him a modified meal of what we're eating. he has a lot of grilled chicken pieces, cut up broccoli, green beans, peas, chunks of cheese, crackers, etc. well tonight i was brave and let him go wild with spaghetti.

what a mess! he loved it and i cannot believe the amount he ate, but he was disgusting! cute, completely adorable in my opinion but such a mess...
try to ignore the large amount of pasta in his mouth and notice those chompers?! yikes!
initially he wasn't too messy
even pooks was doing pretty well, despite the fact that he gave up his fork
then things got a little worse....all over his arms and hands
notice the sauce above his brow bone?
and this is when i stopped taking pictures because he proceeded to grab the ears sticking off of the giraffe that is printed on the highchair seat. tomato sauce everywhere because he then pulled his ears and ran his hands into his hair. end of photo op.

so after a good scrubbing, the boys all returned back downstairs to shake their sillies out before bedtime. while the older boys ran around like crazy people, and watched cars peanut decided that today would be a great time to start crawling!

yep, he did it. it was really more of a stretching army crawl but he is officially mobile! look at that determination!
what a weekend indeed!


  1. Great Pictures! I still can't believe how fast they all are growing.


  2. I like the new background.


  3. this background is MUCH better than the other tictac one. just fyi.


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