Tuesday, September 29, 2009

need an eye opener??

remember this post? it was when i realized that my boys didn't just look like big boys, they are big boys. well, some people *cough, cough, nanaw, cough* kind of gave me this ''well duh Shannon. what did you expect?" attitude. so i get it, i'm their mom, i'm more emotional to these kind of changes. i love my kids, whether babies or big boys. but every now and then one of them does something and i'm like ''holy crap, look how big you are!".

to prove my point...remember this picture?
awww...i think that we all remember it. this was last summer, middle of july, 2008. pooks had only been walking for about 2 months, we were walking around the park and they were just adorable!

today, we also went on a walk and I also brought my camera. when i snapped this picture, it just hit me like a ton of bricks...
my "babies" are growing up, fast!

it's only been a little over one year and sometimes when you stop and really reflect, really think about not only the changes, but the growth...it's amazing.
kinda makes you wonder, what will next year hold??


  1. HOLY COW! What a difference! Adorable, though!

  2. Oh my gosh!! These two really grew alot! Unbelieveable!!


  3. Those boys are so cute, or should I say handsome! Your right about how fast they grow, Can't believe the difference in the two pictures!



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