Saturday, September 19, 2009

be on the look out...

for pictures of our new ''school'' as the little dudes call it.

i had the great idea to clean out half of our disorganized, cluttered and full of total crap unfinished basement, to used as a playroom/classroom. it's a good sized space and it has a full size window that lets in a lot of light. while it's all cement and drywall i knew that if we tried hard enough we could (in the words of tim gunn) "make it work". my goal was to have a nice, clean, SAFE place for the kids to play and learn without spending a lot of money. we already had 2 art easels, a little tikes table, 2 totes of toys and basic shelving. so with the help of b, nanaw and papa (and the dollar tree) i was able to do just that!

i will post pics sometime tomorrow evening. i want to let the little dudes see it first (they were so excited that they couldn't fall asleep!) and i want to snap the pics in daylight :)


  1. I can hardly wait!


  2. How fun! Can't wait to see it! I'm sure it will look super cute!!


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