Sunday, August 30, 2009


i ♥ sunday. it's our lazy day to hang around the house, do a little cleaning and a lot of relaxing. today was unseasonably cool; we're talking like 72 degrees in kansas. in august? hello global warming, welcome! it was hotter in june than august?! backwards but I'll take it! we spent a good chunk of the afternoon at the park near our house. the boys pretended they were monkeys in the zoo, played in a fort, practiced swinging, and ran wild.

bubba loved climbing to the top, pooks however is apparently afraid of heights

peanut enjoyed a (rather slow) merry-go-round
pooks enjoyed ''flying" with his leaf
peanut enjoyed the swing s for the first time (usually he could care less)
pooks living it up in the cool Kansas air

a quick family pic
(only bubba understood the concept of looking at the camera perched on the fort)
now we're at home, boys are playing outside, peanut is watching from his playyard and i am blogging from my new pink piece of dell love. (which by the way seems to no way be effected by the beer spill)!


  1. Lots of family fun! Loved all the pics, especially the family one.


  2. The boys are getting SO big! Sundays are great, aren't they?

  3. I like your new blog theme! Very cute!

  4. I like your new blog theme! Very cute!


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