Wednesday, August 5, 2009


i'm gettin' a new Dell!

warning: this post is long, rambly, not about the kids and there are no new pictures. just didn't want any disappointment if you read it!

you may have noticed my lack of posting recently. yeah, my computer is on it's last leg. poor lil' lappy here doesn't have much life left in him. he's been good, he's a Dell Inspiron 9300 and we've had him going on 5 years now. but i think it's about time to bury him folks.

about a year ago the battery went bad. i've been watching an orange blinking light ever since then. well because i rarely use the battery it wasn't that big of a big deal. then B decided to "upgrade" me to windows Vista. after about 2 months i got used to it and now, i like it. however all the updates and activating and everything else that is popping up is highly annoying. but, i've pushed on. i close pop-ups like it's nobodies business!

well about 2 months ago my lappy started a new symptom. the power cord seemed to be messed up. i unplugged it and looked at the entire power cord and wouldn't' you know it, WIRES were showing. yikes! so B ordered me a new power cord...4 days later good as new. okay that's a lie. better but no where near new.

the new power cord worked for about a week when little lappy started showing yet another screen would flash black screen to normal screen, black to normal screen, black...etc. sometimes it would do this forever and sometimes it would just die. so initially i was like WHAT THE HELL?! but then i realized that when it would flash it was actually changing from battery power to power cord, battery to cord, battery to cord.

well since my cord is new and my battery is bad, it's the battery right? so i removed the battery and my computer promptly flashed black, then died. again and again. my dad (who is the computer guru around here) says that the power plug is screwed up. put some tape on the end of the cord, it's just loose and this would tighten the fit. so i did that.

nope, still flashing...which honestly i've gotten used to. i'm not going to lie. between the blinking orange light, the flashing screen and the pop-ups good ol' lappy isn't as much fun but it does work. (especially if I bend the power cord at the exactly correct angle, then it doesn't usually die!) however the flashing screen is getting to me. after a long day i sit down to check my email, facebook, forums all while playing with editing photos and then blog. but lately i feel like the flashing screen is going to induce a seizure. IT IS SO ANNOYING! i'm pretty sure it's why my right eye is twitching. seriously.

but on the long list of necessities that comes with having 3 kids, a laptop is pretty low on the totem poll. i did tell B that i'd like to save up and hopefully replace it by Christmas so that was our goal.

then last week, a miracle of sorts happened. b asked me to list his motorcycle on craigslist. he decided to sell his motorcycle. first i thought he was joking. then i thought maybe he had an accident or something and never told me. well (thankfully) that wasn't it either. he genuinely felt like it was a waste of space and money. he was riding it *maybe* once a week and it was sucking up space in our already crowded garage. (hello people have you SEEN the amount of outdoor toys that 3 boys accumulate?!) so once he was super sure, i took pictures and listed it on craigslist.

in less than 24 hours we had 6 phone calls and an email. since the emailer had also phoned, B had him come look at the bike and 2 hours later it was gone. this guy loved it and b loved the check he was receiving. he even reorganized the garage! he still swears he doesn't regret it at all.

so being responsible parents that we are, we promptly invested over half that check. but the other half was more fun to spend and put to excellent use! we bought pooks a new carseat (just like the one bubba got last month), peanut is getting his new stroller (should arrive tomorrow!) and we set aside money for bubba's preschool tuition. (he's not even enrolled yet due to wait lists but we're getting prepared). we did a few fun little things like getting Chewy, and going out to dinner too. but lastly, B ordered me a laptop.

i *puffy heart* it and it's not even here yet!! thanks B! since it is a Dell, they are making it for me and it should be here around the 20th. and then i should be back to posting (without inducing a seizure or mean eye twice) shortly after! i can't wait, i am so freaking excited!!



  1. You crack me up! And I love your new pink Dell!!!

  2. Congrats on getting a new computer! That must of been a good laptop to last five years. I am glad you are getting a new one though because I sure do enjoy seeing the pictures of all the little ones.


  3. That sounds great except for one thing:

    Dude. You're getting a Dell.


    HP is where it's at. Think of how long I had my other one and it's still going. WORK-HORSE.

  4. Matthew, I WANT a Dell. I've had it longer than you've had your HP. We got it when B was in Iraq...2005, yo! Plus I win because the kids drop mine, step on it (no joke) and shove it off the sofa. AND IT STILL WORKS.

    /just sayin. Dell rocks!


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