Sunday, July 5, 2009

what a weekend!

we had a very fun, very busy weekend. well a busy friday and saturday. today we're just hanging around the house. errands, laundry, dishes, cleaning, and coloring. just a lazy sunday and i love it. while the little dudes are coloring, B and peanut are napping and i finally get to upload and resize the pictures from our fourth.

on friday we had papa, uncle matt and auntie rachel over to our house for grilled steaks, potatoes, corn on the cob and ice cream sandwiches. (nanaw had other plans, she was invited though!) nothing says ''america'' like corn on the cob followed by ice cream :) the boys had so much fun playing and showing off.

saturday we headed over to nanaw and papa's for dinner. they made some delicious jerk chicken with mashed potatoes, awesome green beans (from papa bob's garden) and fruit salad. B bought some fireworks and the boys enjoyed watching along with doing some themselves. i know what you're thinking: "SHE LET HER TODDLERS DO FIREWORKS?" easy killer, they enjoyed thinking they were doing fireworks. in all actuality they stomped on those poppers or ''snappers'' and with assistance, they enjoyed snakes and those pull poppers that shoot confetti. it was pretty awesome that for the first year since having kids, no one was scared!

pooks stomping on the snappers. he loved them!

papa helping bubba pull a confetti shooter
(i'm totally drawing a blank on what they are called!)
B helping pookies do the same
pooks excited about his train that he picked out at the fireworks stand
bubba and B lighting smoke bombs
after a few rounds of fireworks, we gathered up to enjoy s'mores and red velvet cake. (can you tell which one i made? lol, red velvet cake is more nanaw's league of experience!)
naturally, pooks made a royal mess
and bubba may be the only 3 year old that can successfully eat a s'more without making a mess
i must point out that peanut was invited to the above festivites, unfortunately he slept through most of it. thus the lack of pictures :(

here are a few more family pics. uncle matt was the photographer and rachel assisted in attempting to get the boys attention...

part 2 coming soon!

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