Thursday, July 30, 2009

things are looking up!

things are going much better around here! peanut's thrush is clearing up and mine is gone. *yay* hopefully we don't continue to pass it back and forth and it will clear up completely soon. overall peanut seems to be feeling much better. he is sleeping better at night (i wouldn't say ''great'') and while he shows virtually no signs of crawling any time soon, BOTH of his top teeth are showing at the gum line AND he's starting to pull himself up to stand. so apparently crawling isn't high on his 'to-do' list.
the little dudes are doing well. their current obsession is puzzles. they love working on them! true bubba's attention span is a bit longer than pooks, but pooks holds his own. we have a few large floor puzzles (think 2ft x 3ft) and yesterday bubba put one together all by himself! it was so great to watch him and he kept saying ''i can do it mommy." and he did it, he was so happy and it just made me realize how much he's grown up! all 24 jumbo pieces by himself :)
pooks' favorite part is taking the puzzle apart. the second bubba gets the puzzle finished, pooks is ready to tear it apart.

oh and nanaw, i didn't forget...i'm posting tonights activites tomorrow ;)

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