Wednesday, July 22, 2009


i have one brother. and honestly i would say that, for the most part as kids we got along really well. sure we had our moments. i can vividly remember because my parents NEVER let it go body slamming him against the dryer one time. and sure there were times where i may have got pelted by a ball "on accident". there was tattling and biting, slapping and wrestling but honestly for the most part i just remember that he was there. sure sometimes he was a bother, but mostly he was a brother.

i always knew that i wanted 4 kids. i wanted the oldest to be a boy because i wanted the kids (regardless of sex) to have an older brother. well here we are three kids later (and yes, I still want one more) and they have nothing but brothers. and honestly i could not have asked for a better big brother. bubba is a natural! so empathetic and caring and he acts so mature for a three year old!

obviously like anything in life, there are ups and downs. some days they fight like cats and dogs. biting, hitting, hair pulling, toy stealing chaos. already they can devour an entire frozen pizza together. they've worked in cahoots together (more than once) to pull off a ''no-no". but some days they get along so well that you can't help but stare. this morning was one of those days.

they were sharing and talking. they were cheering for peanut when he rolled over and high fiving pooks when he went potty. when we left for the park, pooks brought bubba his flip-flops and bubba told him "thank you" without being reminded. the kicker? when pooks said ''welcome why-an". or when we returned home after running errands; bubba and pooks were in the house and i had taken a sleeping peanut up to his bed. as i was unloading groceries bubba comes up to me and says ''mommy, you gotta get baby [peanut] out of the car...don't fo-get him."

pretty sure that melted my heart.

so in honor of brothers (mine of whom started a blog and will start MED school tomorrow) here are a bunch of pictures from this morning:
pooks and peanut (see his pearly whites!?)
bubba, all 3 years and 4 months of him
pooks, now 2 years and 2 months old
peanut now 8 months old
(and i must say, peanut can pull off the" i'm asian, have super thin hair and ed hardy shirt" combo FAR better than jon gosselin)

and lastly, all 3 brothers together.
say it with me...."awww"


  1. Have I told you lately how much I enjoy your post about my grandsons? Well, I really love them and you do a wonderful job of narrating what those boys say and how they say it.So like my grandson before me "ay mommy (insert high five here). Love you lots sissy.

  2. Awwwww!!!! They all are soooo cute!!!! And growing up soooo fast it seems.


  3. That is so sweet Shannon!! I can't wait to have more kids to watch them do sweet things like your boys do! :)

  4. Loved the John Gosslin comparison, coupled with the picture. You're right, Peanut pulls it off much better!

  5. Shannon, That was so sweet! It literally made me tear up! I only hope my little man is that sweet to his little brother.


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