Tuesday, June 30, 2009

say "hello" to my little friend

by little i mean the walking cast that goes almost up to my knee. when i walk, i feel like The Terminator. B even came up with this robotic noise that he makes while i take steps. great. to make an extremely long story short, the orthopedic doctor (whom specializes in foot/ankle injuries) is making me wear this for the next two weeks. he was very disappointed in my lack of care and wishes that either urgent care or my regular dr office would have referred me to him sooner. he thinks that the "walk on it-no don't walk on it-walk on it with a brace-no, better walk on it without a brace" crap that i've been doing for the last month only hindered my recovery time.

imagine that.

huh, who woulda thought.

so i have to use this lovely honker of a boot for 2 weeks then go see him again. if the swelling and pain still hasn't subsided, he will run an MRI. he thinks that i have a grade 2 sprain on both the inside AND the outside of my ankle (is that skill or what?!) and that combined with my ''loose'' ankle joint is obviously, causing my pain. so no running, extended walking, etc for 2 weeks. i am allowed to swim and i am encouraged to play balance games on my wii. is this a sweet doctor or what? prescribing video games? holla!
ahem, okay so on to the kiddos:

first of all, i have some pretty kickass blog readers. most of you (if not all of you) guessed the baby pictures correctly! it was pooks, bubba and lastly peanut. you sure can tell that they are brothers!

so onto other things.while gone over the weekend we managed to finally bring back a few items that we had been storing in my in-laws garage since we moved. (you know, almost 8 months ago.) one of those items was bubba's bicycle. he was too little for it when he received it on his 2nd birthday but now he's just the right size. except for now he is also a little bit older and more stubborn. example? oh you know...how he refuses to call it his bicycle. "its a motorcycle mommy and i gotta wears my helmet". even when not moving. even while not understanding how to pedal. even when every adult within a 20 feet radius tells him he doesn't have to wear the helmet unless he's actually pedalling. he insists. here is one picture i managed to get while still at the IL's and sadly, his helmet was at home.
how cute is he? i can't wait until he can actually pedal because, i'll be honest, i do NOT have the patience to teach/explain over and over and over and over how to pedal. he gets it. he knows to pedal forwards, to the front--however you want to explain it but he just looks at you and goes "i can't." without.even.trying. makes me mentally go "AAAAAAAAAAAHHH."

so a few days ago i mentioned how peanut had 2 toofers pop up, well i tried get a picture but that's not happening as of yet. they just aren't up enough yet to capture. but here is a super cute pic of him from when i was attempting to get a shot of the pearly whites:
cutie pa tootie!

and lastly pooks. *sigh* he's biting. again. he thinks it's hilarious no matter what you do. and i mean no matter what you do. time out? doesn't work. biting him back? (gently! i'm not a lunatic) brought on tears, i totally hurt his feelings but alas, doesn't work. yelling? doesn't work. being sent to his room? doesn't work. getting his toy taken away? brings on the waterworks and an apology but less than 15 minutes later he bit again. i'm kinda running out of ideas for discipline. i've never had a biter before.
that picture, is totally unrelated to this post. it has nothing to do with biting at all, i just thought i'd share his sad/pouty look. (he was upset because B was watering the flowers and he got sprayed.)

anyways i'm signing off to go work on a couple craft projects. a no-sew fleece blanket for peanut and an apron for myself. should be interesting!

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  1. That boot sure looks very uncomfortable to wear in the heat of the summer. Hope it feels better soon. And like always very cute pics.



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