Monday, June 1, 2009

a morning of silliness

well today is my first day alone with the kids since my near brush with death the ankle incident. i had help all of last week from nanaw and papa. obviously B was here all weekend. well today is a new week and i am on my own. it's not so bad, i can finally put weight on my foot and walk with crutches. surprisingly it doesn't hurt any worse to put weight on it, than to not put weight on it. there is one spot on the bottom of my ankle bone (does an ankle have a bottom?) that hurts immensely but it hurts regardless of what i'm doing, so eh...i'll get over it. tomorrow i should get my walking boot so that will make things WAY easier. i'll be able to leave the house for the first time in a week! (as of now i've stuck to our house, nanaw's house and drive-thrus).

so since we cannot leave the house, i put on some cartoons this morning and we just all acted silly. singing, swinging, playing and squealing was the result and i captured most of it. i was playing with the settings on my camera and all of these pics were in manual mode. playing with the f-stop to blur the backgrounds slightly, etc. i know they aren't great but i am learning. and the kids are cute so that's all that really matters anyway!
i caught him just as he asked ''whats 'dat?"
a very excited peanut squealing
a little smirk
can you tell that he is a happy baby?
and finally the little dudes just looking cute

oh and this one pic is just for the morbidly curious. okay, maybe not morbidly curious. but it is kinda is my ankle; one week and two days after originally injuring it. it is now primarily yellow, purple and greenish in color. i have to say out of all the dumb/clumsy things that i've done in my life, this has got to be the worse bruising that i have ever had!
oh and those super hot lumberjack plaid pajama pants that i'm wearing---don't be jealous, i know they are pretty fantastic. and technically they are nanaw's that i am ''borrowing''. thanks nanaw!

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  1. Great Pictures!!!! Glad your ankle is doing a little better even though it still looks bad.
    Take care!!



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