Thursday, June 25, 2009

as promised....

i asked and you delivered! woohoo! i enjoyed reading your comments on the previous post; honestly i didn't even know that some of you read the blog but i love it! i'm glad that our day to day shenanigans can make others smile (and look forward to seeing their own babies grow up!).

so as i promised, i'm going to try to post more often. shouldn't be too terribly hard. i'll have to lay off facebook for a little bit in the evenings but it's for the best, probably. facebook is an addiction, i swear.

but, i digress.

here are a few pictures from yesterday. every afternoon this week, we've spent about an hour in the kiddie pool (after their naps) lounging until B gets home. the boys are getting so tan! i swear bubba is darker than B! anywho, here they are:
showing off their ''bee-bo's"
see that? right there? that's brotherly love at it's finest!
peanut was roaring...not the most flattering picture but hilarious nonetheless
okay, and a small disclaimer before you scroll to the next pic: i find it hilarious. B finds it equally hilarious. however you may not. i, the mother of 3 under 3, am in a bikini. consider yourself warned. (i must also note that i am *only* seen in a bikini while on my super private back deck in the middle of a weekday, with my children.)

how you can tell which babies are breastfed:
um yeah, peanut the camera is up here! like father like son i guess. [insert eye roll here] you should have seen him while in the fitting room while i was trying on swim suits. talk about being confused! he kept thinking he was going to be fed and was getting slightly ticked off!


  1. Adorable as usual! Just love those boys.

  2. Looks like the boys love the pool!
    They are just so darn cute.
    Won't be long, you will have to get a bigger pool, Peanut will be in there too. He is growing so fast.


  3. I love how sweet your boys are to each other!! :)


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