Thursday, May 7, 2009

whatever you say, he is not just like his mother.

yeah i know we've all heard about the ''terrible twos''. well let me preface this by saying that technically i only have one kid thus far who has actually reached two years of age but from my point of view (and lets be honest, obviously it are choosing to read this rambling) the two's are not terrible. yes there are moments where i'm left going ''what the hell was he thinking!?" but overall, the 2nd year is not terrible.

however, what you never hear about it the "terribly treacherous threes". it could be because i just made that up but eh, you get the idea. bubba has been three years old for not even 2 months and it's like someone has flipped his attitude switch up to ''more please!" except for no sane person would request this amount of attitude and defiance in their 3 year old.

case in point, this convo from yesterday:

me: bubba, can you please pick up all of your cars before nanaw gets here?
bubba: no....i'm playing.
m: well nanaw is on her way over and you need to pick up your cars. put them in your backpack so that nanaw doesn't step on one or trip when she comes in.
b: i no pick up my cars. {said while giving me a look like i had 4 eyesballs on my head}
m: okay, you need to pick them up. if you don't then mommy will, and i will put them up in your room and you won't get to play with them at all. pick them up please.
b: mommy. nanaw not step on my cars. she walks this a way {proceeds to walk in a great zig-zag line across the living room avoiding all of his cars} and no step on me cars. see mama? i not put my cars in my backpack...nanaw just walk yike that.
m: [*insert blank stare*]bubba when mommy or daddy asks you to nicely do something--you need to do it. we don't back talk. i asked you to nicely clean up your cars, now you need to clean them up. if you don't, i will give you a timeout. please put your cars in your backpack before nanaw gets here.
b: [*returns blank stare then adds a GIANT eye roll and starts to dramatically put his cars away*]
seriously? since when did barely 3 year olds have so much attitude?


  1. I've heard that Three can be worse than the terrible twos. Oh no, I have less than six months until my oldest turns three. What am I in for? LOL! Hope he starts listening better for you!

  2. As the nanaw in said post, just wanted to clarify that the 3 year old was correct in saying that nanaw would walk yike this(zigzag motion inserted here) but he doesn't need to know this. Also, as the mommy of this mommy let me just say that I seem to recall that additude from you as a three year old.


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