Tuesday, May 5, 2009

a not me! monday

.....on what is now tuesday?!

i totally joined the bandwagon and decided to join in on not me! monday. remember lil' stellan? (whom by the way is HOME now!) his mama started this and it's spreading like wildfire. the idea is to fess up to all the embarrassing things you did during the past week by pretending that you did not do them.

so without further ado:

-last week i most certainly did not let bubba and pooks stay in their pajamas all.day.long just because we weren't leaving the house. and i most certainly did not stay in my own pj's with them. i know that i definitely did not let them watch 4 episodes of backyardigan's that day either.

-this morning when the boys woke up at 7am yet again, i most certainly did not go to the drastic measure of hanging a sheet over the curtains that are over the blinds in my room, as an attempt to block out any speck of sunlight that might shining through my bedroom windows and into their bedroom and be waking them up at such an obscene time. nope, i definitely did not do that.

-while attempting to make a batch of chicken noodle soup this morning, i did not bribe my three year old with the promise of 5 m&m's if he would sit next to his baby brother while i cooked and give him his binky if needed. i then did not give him waaayyy more than 5 m&m's for helping me so well and i certainly didn't promise to let him ''baby sit'' again next time i'm cooking.

-today i did not spend 10 minutes going around the house and collecting $2 in change just to buy an iced carmel macchiato, simply so that "starbucks" wouldn't show up on online banking and have my husband pick on me for it. i then did not have the cup in my car (with ice still in) it when picking him from the automotive place and i definitely did not confess the entire story before he even noticed said cup. nope not me.

i would never do those sorts of things!

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  1. I sure am glad I raised you well enough that you DON'T have to do all those made up things.


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