Saturday, May 9, 2009

arrr! it's a pirate party matey!

today we celebrated pooks' 2nd birthday! i can't even believe that my little guy is almost two years old...i think i'm in denial. we had a very nice small party at the house; the weather was perfect and the kids burned off tons of energy running around outside. since originally rain was in the forecast, we decided (kind of at the last minute) to order pizzas instead of grilling hot dogs and hamburgers. let me tell you, mama was pleased ;) it's SO much easier and less stressful to just order pizza and the kids like it even more.

so we had pizza, opened presents and then had cake & ice cream. the theme was obviously pirates, hence people wearing bandannas and earrings.
the birthday boy!
showing his 'pirattitude' with his mommy
the whole scene (food and gift table were in the garage)
playing in their pirate ship mommy made them
(it's amazing how toddlers get SO excited over the littlest things!)
(btw, papa is in there too!)

papa was wearing a hoop earring and pooks thought it was so funny
bubba in his "pirate" shirt
(it's a halloween shirt from old navy but to a 3 years old, skelton=pirate)
peanut had a blast playing in the exersaucer
pooks with his nanaw
pookie waiting patiently for his pizza
baby yeah-yeah eating pizza and cheesing it up!
present time!
the golf set from nanaw and papa
a boat with 20 blocks that also floats in the bathtub from papa bob and gma mary
asking papa barry to open his puzzle
and the cake: a lil' pirate!
(made by nanaw of course)
singing ''Happy Birthday"
(fyi- everyone else was behind me...there were other people there too!)
daddy helping him blow out the candle
bubba FINALLY getting to "eats cakes"
(he had been talking about eating this cake before the cake was even made!)
(after he ditched the pirate outfit to eat cake)
he also played with nanaw
while bubba blew bubbles with auntie michelle
more bubbles. the great end to a great day :)
thanks everyone!

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