Monday, April 13, 2009

random thoughts

i have a lot of random thoughts/vents/updates so i'm gonna just list them out. read if you want to, and if you don't....well what are you still doing here?
  • -i am tired and i'm SO completely over this damn virus that i've decided should be name the 'whine virus'. seriously. all 3 of my kids are so flipping whiny. and i get it, they are little kids, they don't feel good they are all mucousy and coughing, etc. i know they don't feel good. but we are on day 8 of this and mama is tired. i'm over it. actually, bubba really is almost over it. he's doing great and feeling a lot better. pooks however seems to be doing worse. he's so clingy and fussy and miserable. he has been on antibiotics since last wed but today he had green snot so i don't think that they are working. looks like we'll be back to visit dr. s tomorrow. peanut is handling well enough. he's sleeping a ton and when he's not sleeping he wants held. no problemo except for the fact that pooks also wants held. so i changed peanuts' diaper and got him dressed all with pooks on my hip. fun times....NOT! i just want my kids to feel better!
  • -pooks 2nd birthday is in a month. up until last night, we still hadn't thought of a theme. there isn't any theme that he *loves*. he likes thomas the tank engine, backyardigans, mickey mouse, cars, dora--he's so laidback that he likes everything. then you have bubba who tells me what he wants. ''he wants mickey mommy" and pooks is saying ''pablo'' over and over. er, those don't go together. well then i decided that because pooks is still to young to really care or pick his own theme, i would just decide for him. then i realized that HELLO we share a birthday, we'll just make it a joint party and i can help decide without being pushy ;) so i told politely suggested a 'pirate theme' and pooks response was ''ARGH" so we're going with it. shiver me timbers matey!
  • -sometimes i feel as though i have all this seemingly great ideas and i really want to run with them ya know? but then i realize that i might be a wee bit in over my head. like making diaper cakes. i love doing it, i make a little bit of spending cash and everyone is happy. i feel useful as a human being and not "just" as a mom, and it works. but then add those orders to my plan for the *perfect* mothers day gift, which truly is perfect. and i would tell you but i can't; and not because my mom doesn't know (because, well she does) but because it's also part of my brother and future SILs wedding gift. needless to say that it is time consuming in a different kind of way. the general idea is easy, getting everything needed to detail the general idea is the time consuming part. then i don't know if i ever blogged about it, but i also started a moms group. so i'm the organizer and planner of that too. which means i have to force my creative juices to plan and organize activites that kids will enjoy but that the moms will too; that work with a variety of age ranges.
i have GOT to learn how to balance things better.
(for some unknown reason the formatting just F'ed up and i can't allign the following paragraph correctly)
all of these things are are {obviously} in addition to my daily responsibilities/expectations that come with being a mom/wife/daughter/best friend/sister/living-breathing-human. some days, i'm just tired. like right now, i can think of at least 4 things {finishing a cake order, working out on the wii, planning may activities for the group, working on the moms day gift, showering, sleeping} that i should be doing instead of blogging, yet here i am. can we say procrastinator?
  • pooks has learned how to stay ''i want that''. not only has he learned how to say it, but he's already learned how to over use phrase. referring to m&m's? done. toys? done. food? done. uncooked egg noodles drying on the counter? done. coloring books? done. a bottle of glue? yep. don't get me wrong, it was cute the first 5 times.


  1. Sounds like you have a lot on your plate! I can relate on the whole being cute the first 5 times. Thats how I feel now about Bubbie saying Mommy now, LOL!

  2. Shannon, just wanted to let you know that I think you're doing an awesome job on the mom's group! I always love the great events you plan! Although I love going to mom's group events, you need to have some time to yourself too! No one would mind if you plan fewer activities each month, so please don't feel any pressure to have a million things planned! You have 3 kids that are 3 and under!!! You are obviously really busy and everyone understands that! :) Let me know if you want help with anything! I only have one kiddo to chase around. ;)


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