Tuesday, April 7, 2009

choices, choices, choices

okay, well pooks has been talking for awhile (duh) but he doesn't usually say a whole lot. he'll say mama, dada, papa, nanaw, baby regularly. then if he sees a car, he'll say car. if you point to his nose, he'll say nose, etc. he's starting to talk more and more. yesterday he had two m&m's and he said ''blue...purple" and he was right! he had a blue and a purple m&m. it's eye opening to me because bubba was such a late talker and pooks is so nonchalant and acts like he doesn't have a clue. i'll say ''what color is this?" and he'll just babble or ignore me...but he listens. little did i know, but he does know! he is observing and paying attention better than i thought. he can count to 3, he knows several of his colors and can say two of them.

so fast forward to today; pooks brings me his sippy cup and because i was busy peeling potatoes, i just filled it with water (filtered water, we're not animals!). well next thing i know he's back with his cup and he's telling me ''no wat-wa" and attempting to pull open the refrigerator. so i open the fridge and he says ''dat''. i said "do you want juice or milk?"---fully expecting him to point (that's what he usually does) but instead he says ''juice''. i was stunned. i wanted to see what else he could say. so I asked ''do you want orange juice or apple juice?" he then replied ''apple''.

well anyways, this went on all night. giving him choices and hearing him repeat those choices. super cute. here is a short video, nevermind the crappy lighting...the audio is good though :)


  1. That video is too cute! Hopefully that will be Bubbie before too long, LOL!

  2. That is really good for almost being two. Go Pooks!


  3. Wait to go Pooks! Isn't it so fun when they learn new things!


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