Thursday, March 5, 2009

i couldn't resist

several people have told me how peanut resembles a little baby Coach Mangino. technically this isn't a compliment but it is funny as heck. for those that don't know, Mangino is KU's football coach and he is not a small man. to say the VERY least. lets put it this way: him and peanut are in the ''i have multiple chins'' category. now granted, a lot of people could fit that category but with peanut's darker complexion i think he gives the man a run for his money. case in point:

coach mangino
peanut decked in his KU tee and daddy's oakleys...
and if you photoshop a fake mustache, viola! spitting image...right?!


  1. My own little celebrity!!!!!!!!!!
    Just adorable.

  2. LOL! Oh, Shannon, that's just the pick me up I needed! Thanks.

  3. Oh, that's hilarious! Thanks for the laugh!


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