Tuesday, March 31, 2009

yeah yeah yeah...

we're still around, just nothing superbly interesting to post about. it snowed on saturday, "blizzard like conditions" which i forgot to take pics of. then on sunday it got up to like 60 degrees and everything melted and we lounged around and did absolutely nothing. yesterday the boys and i ran errands all morning.

today we had a playgroup meet-up, hung out at the house with auntie s and little miss diva, then had supper. b is out playing poker {since 7pm, even though he told me he'd be back early so i could go have ''me'' time at starbucks--guess i'll just sip on my invisible iced venti caramel machiatto while sitting on my couch blogging*eye roll*} i managed to have every single little dude in bed by 9pm, i worked out on the wii for 1/2 an hour and i have been mindlessly surfing the internet and blog stalking since then.

fun stuff i tell ya!

it'll be a few days until there are any ''good'' posts, just a fair warning.

the tictac fam is headed to: the-state-where-the-eskimo-pie-was-invented, to meet up with a mama and her family who i've known for almost 3 years but never met. let me explain...in todays technology there are about a billion and one pregnancy boards/forums/etc. well we happened by chance to join the same one where we joined the same ''due date'' birth board (pookies birth board) and we've been virtually chatting it up since. she has an older son who is close to bubba's age and a daughter who is pooks' age, she is my age and her hubby is B's age (did ya follow that?) so we have a lot in common! EXCEPT for the fact that she lives in canada and i for one, do not. not.even.close. so by a lot of luck and some chances, she is visiting the states this week very spur of the moment and we will be driving a mere 5 hours to meet up and hang out on thurs and/or friday. i can't wait for to actually meet her in a physical sense, and for the kids to play. i am SO freaking excited!! well, a little anxious about the five hour car drive but anxious nonetheless.

look for updates and good posts on saturday!!

ps- how many of you are off to google where the eskimo pie was invented? just like to keep ya on your toes ;)

Friday, March 27, 2009

in 3 short years...

happy birthday bubba! you've grown so much, it's unreal. we love you!!

4 1/2 months at the park
10 months
being silly around 11 mos
fell asleep under the table, around 15mos
eating corn on the cob, 18 mos old
on his 2nd birthday
2 years and 5 months old, at the park
2 1/2 years old and full of attitude
all grown up! okay, maybe not grown up but definitely getting big

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

playdoh, exersaucers, and chubbiness--oh my!

title pretty much says it all. today we were at target when bubba started the infamous ''mama, i want dat'' for EVERYTHING in the toy department. well when he wanted play-doh i told him that he could use his birthday money for it. so that's what he did and i bet those boys seriously played with play-doh for an hour or more. they were obsessed!

in other news, i dusted off the ol' excersaucer for peanut to try out. he seemed....confused? idk, he wasn't wildly excited. he kinda had a ''what the hell is this'' expression on his face the whole time. i think we'll retire it to the basement for another few weeks becasue he didn't seem quite ready; he didn't want to keep weight on his legs, so he'd relax them but then kinda flop/lean back. that or it was because he got all his vaccinations yesterday and his chubby lil legs might be sore still. either way, we're not there yet.

speaking of vaccinations, bubba and peanut had doctor visits yesterday. bubba had his 3 year check up and he weighed in at 29lbs (15th percentile) and 35 inches (which isn't even on the chart). he's a little guy but there are no concerns at all...he's just tiny and he has small(er) parents so that is to be expected. dr S was super impressed with his speech, he's really come a long way!

now peanut had his 4month check up. peanut, peanut, peanut. *sigh* he is a different story. the kid is huge ''well fed''. he tipped the scales at 16lbs even and 25 inches in length. for weight he is in the 75th percentile and for height he comes in at the 50th. he's a big boy but technically so were bubba and pooks at his age. (actually pookie weighed 16lbs 10oz at his 4 month check up!) he's happy and healthy and looks great as well. we got the go ahead to start solids but i will be waiting until he shows more signs of being ready. we did take the first step though and order his highchair. it'll be here next week! and btw i did NOT pay that much for it because that's an insane amount to pay for a freaking highchair and i'm a cheap ass because i'm a bargain hunter--i paid $81 for the chair, taxes and shipping. holla!

okay, okay here are the dang pics. i know thats all you people want anyways ;)

peanut was a wee bit nervous when pooks came to ''play''
(aka-shake the hell out of the exersaucer)
"...just sayin'...."
okay, i guess i kinda like this thing...
alright, alright...i really like this thing!
older boys playing with play-doh
B's self portrait
pooks pretending that the play-doh can is a phone
bubba ''cuttin with me's scissows"
looking WAY too grown up!

Monday, March 23, 2009

our virtual daughter

so if you go to babymaker3000.com you can create a virtual baby. now granted i have 3 babies but i wanted to see what this VW computer thinks my kids would look like. you simply upload a pic of both parents and viola, they give you a virtual kid...ours happened to be a daughter.

she's a cute kid, but not sure that she's ours! i used the picture from our christmas card (the same one in the upper right of my blog). do it and post yours too!

a breakfast date!

this morning the boys were up before 8am, which normally i dread. i was tired but i decided to make the most of it. we're suppose to get some crazy weather today: thunderstorms, hail, high winds, and possibly tornadoes! yikes. so needless to say we won't be going out in any of that! being boys, they get stir crazy easily if we're in the house all day.

since we were all awake and in good moods, i made the executive decision to go out for breakfast, which in our house is a rare treat. i love this local family owned breakfast/lunch restaurant and it's about 3 minutes from our house so it's ideal. however 3 kiddos under 3, early in the morning, in public, usually doesn't make for a stress-free start to the day. and despite the fact that nanaw couldn't go with us and i would have all 3 by myself at a sit down place (another rare occurrence) we went and it was fun. i mean that, it was really enjoyable. the boys behaved themselves, peanut slept in his car seat the entire time, i ate my food while it was still hot and the restaurant now carries the bottled starbucks drinks. a hot meal...with a doubleshot ...with my 3 favorite boys....what could be better? besides having B, nanaw or papa joining us....how 'bout two crapstastic cell phone pics commemorating the event?

pooks even sat in a booster seat (first time ever) and behaved
(the boys had a multi-grain waffle covered in fruit and topped with whipped cream)
bubba, perturbed about a fly that was on the back of his seat
*sigh* i have no clue why my phone puts those weird dots/squares on the pics

Sunday, March 22, 2009

bubba's birthday party

today was bubba's birthday party (his 3rd bday is next saturday) and it was a lot of fun! i have to say that having his party at pizza hut was like the best thing ever. first off, very kid friendly food/atmosphere. who the heck doesn't like pizza? secondly, I DIDN'T HAVE TO CLEAN! lol. usually i am like a chicken with my head cut off worrying about cleaning my house before (and then after) a party and i can't relax and enjoy it because i am too busy playing Suzy Hostess. well having it at pizza hut cut down on that feeling tremendously. my kiddos were well behaved and content, everyone seemed to like it, i didn't spend a fortune decorating (can we say 2 tablecloths and 4 balloons!) and i got a kick ass deal on the pizza. seriously. and we didn't skimp out on toppings either. woohoo!

anyways, the theme was "Cars" (betcha couldn't have guessed that *eyeroll*) and bubba was in heaven. he got the "combine toy" that he's been going on and on about for weeks, lightning mcqueen shirts, a lightning rug, coloring book and markers--if it had lightning mcqueen on it, i can almost guarantee that he got it. he was so happy about everyone being there, the pizza, the cake...just everything. he didn't even notice that his mean ol' mom didn't get ice cream for his party ;)

anywho, here are the pics in absolutely no order whatsoever:
the cake...he loved it!
me with the little dudes
pooks being silly
peanut with papa bob, watching bubba open presents
bubba with nanaw
showing off his cars cake
eating pizza
excited about a race track
reading a card with papa
loving his shirts from nanaw phew phew
reading a card with aunt rachel
a new 5 generation pic
(trust me, this was the best one!)
blowing out the candle
peanut was quite snuggly!
the rug that he absolutely loved from nanaw and papa

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

WooHoo, WooHooHoo, WooHoo, WooHooHoo....

that's the tune of the happy dance in our house [okay, and vonage commercials] and it's reserved for only the utmost important things that the boys do: going poop on the potty, eating all of their vegetables, counting to 10, or in today's case BUTTERBALL ROLLING OVER!!!

WooHoo, WooHooHoo, WooHoo, WooHooHoo {insert dancing while singing}WooHoo, WooHooHoo, WooHoo, WooHooHoo

yep, it is true. butterball rolled over from his back to his belly today! he was laying on his back under his floor gym and had his head turned upward, watching bubba and pooks and he kinda rocked and just flopped right over. even the little dudes did the happy dance. bubba even said that butterball was a big boy! lol!

not only is this an amazing accomplishment for butterball, but the fact that one of my kids rolled over before 4 months old is astonishing. okay okay, so he'll be four months old tomorrow but still. pookie didn't roll from back to belly til he was almost 9 months old. LOL. no there isn't anything wrong with them, the doctor just explained that since they have larger than avg heads and bellies, and they are typically laid back babies, the thought of rolling over just doesn't matter to them. they really have no interest because they are content. and honestly, that's pretty much pooks and butterball both: happy, chubby little babies without a care in the world. i'm proud of my little guy!
he started out like this...
(don't mind his outfit, I was getting ready to change his diaper when i saw how close he was to rolling)
he lifted his left shoulder up off the mat and tucked his right arm in...
and POOF! i love his ''what the hell just happened" look
yay butterball!! keep up the good work!

oh and i also wanted to wish everyone a belated Happy St Patrick's Day. while i am indeed part Irish (a pretty big chunk Irish, among other things) we didn't do anything special. no green beer, corned beef, cabbage or soda bread here. we didn't look for leprechauns or four leaf clovers. the boys and i did wear green and we made green play dough, which they had a blast with. i've never let them play with playdough before because i had a feeling pooks would eat it, but surprisingly he didn't eat a single bite. (once i reminded him about 1,000 times that we don't eat playdough, we play with playdough) he did however make a huge mess which i didn't even know you could do with playdough, but everything cleaned up nicely and it was fun while it lasted.
pooks pinching it into a million pieces (hence the messiness)
bubba dramatically using a cookie cutter
the look he gave me after reminding him not to eat the playdough
using his ''wolling pin" from his kitchen. he was making ''patend cookies''
and the one (out of focus) pic that i got of butterball as my camera battery died :(

ps.- the mystery to butterballs fussiness the other night has been solved: he was starving. okay starving might be a little dramatic but he was genuinely hungry. after going to the doctor yesterday because despite taking both zyrtec and benadryl intermittently for two freaking weeks i still couldn't breathe, i learned that breastfeeding moms shouldn't take zyrtec. while very little passes through milk to the baby, thus catergorizing it as a ''safe'' medication for BFing moms, apparently it's one MAJOR side effect is drying up a breastfeeding mom's milk supply. wouldn't it have been wonderful if the pharmacist would have TOLD ME THAT when i asked if it was safe for me to take? thanks jackass. so butterball was nursing non-stop because he wasn't actually getting very much each time. d'oh. i stopped taking that yesterday and i have nursed on demand all last night and all day today (basically i've been a human binky) and i up'd my fluids and he seems to be much more content tonight. thank goodness!
pps.- i think the above was entirely too long to be a "ps" but oh well!