Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Starbucks and I are setting some boundaries

in our relationship.

we've made a commitment, and i think its in both of our best interests to keep it up. from here on out, on payday (well B's payday) i'll be putting $30 on my Starbucks gift card and that's all i get for 2 weeks, until the following payday. while i love me some Starbucks, its an expensive love/hate relationship.

i love going, i love the smell--even going through the drive thru--that yummy coffee smell wafts out that little window and makes me inhale the expresso goodness with a smile on my face. i love the friendly baristas, even the one who is kinda crazy and talks in a different voice/accent everytime i go. i love the cute cups with the matching green straw...almost like a little beverage accessory. most of all i love that i can go to starbucks and suddenly my name is Shannon again. to them, my life is a mystery. kids, no kids? it doesn't matter. i love settling down in one of the overstuffed arm chairs with a good book and a iced vanilla latte in my hand. i love that Starbucks is always dependable. they are open everyday--even most holidays. whether i'm having a great day or a ''just kill me now'' kinda day, they are there for me without judgement. enjoying that latte, on some days, is like my lifesupport system. its my caffeniated IV drip that gets me through the day. i love the energy boost...i crave that boost some days.

i fully admit that i'm addicted to starbucks, and i see no problem with that. everyone has a "dirty" habit and starbucks is a hell of a lot healthier that gambling, drinking, or smoking. heck a venti latte provides 35% of the calcium that a person needs for the day and is full of protein. its a healthy addiction...well almost, if you ignore the fact that my venti love has 270 calories...

but i hate that my one cup of sweet coffee goodness comes to $4.08 a cup (well for my latest love). it's an expensive habit esspecially given the economy and recession. and trust me, B points out just how many times that $4.08 shows up on our statement! i hate that there isn't a Starbucks on my side of town so some days i find myself looking for an excuse to visit that drive thru.

well i recently discovered something: if you register your starbucks giftcard online and use it to pay, you get syrups added at no extra charge. that means i save .30 cents off of each of my loves. now you may be thinking "woohoo, 30 cents" but if I buy 8 iced venti vanilla lattes in 2 weeks, i've just saved $2.40 my friend. figuring that i really do buy 8 drinks in 2 weeks--that adds up to a whole 'nother beverage that becomes FREE each month, with a little change leftover.

so we now have a visitation guideline. for $30 i can visit starbucks roughly 4 times a week...i can do it. i can learn to really value and appreciate those 4 visits. they will mean more to me now right? i won't take them for granted.


  1. How funny! I have that same addiction. Only I am there 7 days a week at $4.08. Good thing Santa was so good this year and brought $170.00 worth of Starbucks giftcards. I get non-fat, sugarfree vanilla lattes. Not so many calories and still good for ya.


  2. Additional hint: I found out yesterday that if you bring your own cup in you get a cup discount. I think it was around $0.11. I know that you love the cups, but that could eventually equal another drink for you!

  3. I hear ya! I love iced coffees, only the closest Starbucks for us is over an hour away, so McD's is my only option. But theirs are yummy! And they are $2.70 for a large, and that is because I get two extra shots of vanilla in mine.

    You could just reuse their cute cups again, so you still get that "drink accessorie" and save money.


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