Tuesday, January 13, 2009

it just melted my heart.

i'll tell you, that kid can be the biggest sweetie when he wants to be.

backstory: last night after the boys were tucked in and supposed to be sleeping, they kept laughing and giggling and i could hear little feet running around. i was in the tub and hollered at them to lay down. well i heard bubba get in his bed and say ''bra bra" while laughing. this tells me that pooks was obviously up to no good. i went in there and he was STANDING ON TOP of the changing table, trying to reach his "cars" lamp. i yanked him down, swatted his butt and told him not to do it again.

i leave, return to bathtub.

2 minutes later i hear giggling and feet. so i chalk the bubble bath up as a loss, dry off and go back in their room. pooks is on top of the changing table, again. bubba is standing on the edge of his car bed trying to reach/play with his lamp as well. i had had it. i went in and took both of their lamps away and spanked pooks. i told them that nanaw bought those lamps because they were pretty, that they were NOT toys, and that they were NOT to touch them. if they were going to play with them, then they were getting put up and they would have to ask nanaw to get them back. i told pooks that we do not climb, its a no-no and he could get a big ''ouchie'' if he ever does it again. of course tears, screaming and general fit-throwing lasted about 10 mins...but they stayed in their beds!

fast-forward to this morning. around 10am bubba starts asking about his ''yamp''. well since its after 9am i assume its safe to say that nanaw is awake. i tell him that he has to call nanaw, tell her what happened, then he can have his lamp back. so we call nanaw and he tries to tell her what happened. after a little help from me nanaw gets the jest of it. bubba says '' pees nanaw? pees car yamp?" and nanaw proceeds to tell him that he needs to tell mommy that he is sorry for acting up. (well i should mention that bubba doesn't say ''sorry''. he'll give you and hug and a kiss but he's never said sorry before.)

he looks me dead in the eye and says '' sorry mommy. i sorry mama."my heart just melted. those puppy dog eyes and he was SO sincere. even nanaw said ''shannon! he said sorry. aww"

5 seconds later he got his lamp back :)

and at bedtime tonight when pooks once again crawled on top of the changing table, bubba tattle-taled so fast you would have thought he was getting paid! this time B took charge and when pooks climbed up there yet a second time, that was it. no lamp.

so now bubba has his lamp and pooks does not.

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