Thursday, January 1, 2009

Christmas (Part 2)

after opening gifts Christmas morning at our house, we made the hour drive to nanaw phew phew's house. there the boys opened their gifts from the grandmas, we all watched "Cars" and visited and we had Christmas dinner...probably the coolest thing was getting a 5 generation picture with all 3 boys. enjoy :)

we did handprints/footprints for the nanaws too!
nanaw making the mashed potatoes
(oddly enough, we take a pic of her making the mashed potatoes every year!)
pooks enjoying licking the beaters
bubba did too!
great great grandma, nanaw phew phew, myself and peanut
bubba and nanaw smooching
5 Generations!
(great great grandmas is 97 years young!)
and finally a typical pooks moment...
(he reached up and grabbed red velvet cake off of the table, and began eating--so we put him in his chair and let him go to town!)

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