Wednesday, November 5, 2008

You may frequent Starbucks too often if:

-after the barista hands over your deliciously hot eggnog latte, your 2.5 year old says "thanks" and blows her a kiss as you drive off...
-meanwhile your 17mos old is sitting in his carseat saying ''mum mum ouch" and pretending to blow on the cup because he knows that his Mum's drink is hot.

yep, true story. i suppose i should be hanging my head in shame but i'm not.

my oldest realizes just how important Mom's latte is to her and my youngest knows that if he touches it, he'll get an ouchie ;)


  1. Well, you may have some competition! Just ask Rick and Judy how familiar THEY are with Starbucks! One of the girls that works there made stickers with their order on them so when they came in, all the cashier had to do was stick the sticker on the cup (they order a COMPLICATED drink!). Tell your boys to try the frappucinos -- there's no "ouch ouch" with them!! They're just like milkshakes!!


  2. That is tooo funny!

    SET & CMT


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